Why boycott? Well, the censorship of Trump and seemingly every one of his allied organizations is one big reason. This is totalitarianism, plain and simple, and in fact it’s fascistic, using corporations to do the silencing for the people in the government. As I said elsewhere, even murderers get to say their piece, but not Republicans or Trump supporters. Listen to the Democrats, they all support this shit. They are un-American and don’t share common values with me or any of the people I know. They need to be made to pay for this, and the boycott is just one way to make this happen. There are others.

I’m amidst my process of boycotting Amazon, Apple, Google, and others. I’m taking notes and I will describe how I was able to get all these companies out of my life. I might even have a funny video of me breaking Amazon Echo devices with a sledgehammer. Fun times will be had by all.

That said, it is a lot of work to accomplish this effort. I’ll be sure to bring you back some data so your journey towards this can be easier. Hit them in their bottom line.

Conservatives also have to create their own online infrastructure, but we can discuss that in another post.

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January 14, 2021

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