Just as full of shit as it was the first time. First time, Russian Collusion. Second time, “Incitement of Insurrection”. History is not going to look kindly on these totalitarian thugs for making stuff up. Does Pelosi actually believe this bullshit she’s spewing – of course not.

The important point here is that we need to realize that the censorship and impeachment push are not directed against Trump at all. They are really directed at us – his supporters, and those who do not support the totalitarian Leftist state they are straining to create.

Don’t get me started about tech censorship. The next couple of paragraphs were removed from an ostensibly conservative blog’s comment area. I’m not going to give them the time of day here, though when I come up with my boycott list, they’ll be on it. Do they really think censorship is going to somehow stop people from communicating? Going to stop a revolution? Because they have another thing coming, and are going to be punished for trying to stand in the way of mass movements working as they always have.

I suppose I’m supposed to be upset about the Capitol being broken into during a riot. I’m not. I think the Federal government is poorly representing its constituents and needs to get to know them up close and personal like that. Scaring the shit out of them *should* do them some good, and has allowed us to weed out the poseurs. You’ll know them – the people who are voting for impeachment today. Not a principled one amongst them. Looking at you, shitbag Liz Cheney. Scared you seeing real people up in your face, perhaps? You’re a waste of space and Wyoming deserves better.

In a similar fashion, I voted for Trump twice to discomfit the ruling oligarchy. I’m going to continue poking this beast and keep it under pressure for as long as I can breathe. You can get all upset about riots. As for me, I’m done playing nice with the totalitarian Left in this country, and I’m ok with some blood and busted teeth in the streets. Our liberties won’t come back without it.

So some ideas for more writing: tech boycotts, the fact that Democrats and Republicans are both part of the ruling oligarchy and both have to be shunned and punished, and technology censorship and the way to take down these large tech companies, and why they are broken in the first place. It’s the employees, incidentally.

This is going to be great fun.

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