Whatever their excuses for doing so – and the excuses for totalitarianism are legion – killing Parler simply proves out the collusive monopoly power of Big Tech in a way that is hard to gainsay. We’ve heard the excuses before – after 9/11 for instance. They were bullshit then, and are bullshit now. This is a naked power grab by the Leftists, and if it is not corrected in short order by federal authorities, then it justifies the citizenry taking matters into its own hands. #2A

As for the means to destroy Big Tech – using the antitrust hammer should work just fine after this bald faced display of monopoly power.

Hell, even the Unabomber was allowed to send his manifestos out to the public via newspapers. Censorship is always evil. The Leftists are making clear they do not share a common culture with actual Americans.

Besides, wasn’t it ok to burn down cities just six short months ago? Rioting is a useful tactic – says so right there in the Leftist article.

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Impeachment 2.0

January 13, 2021

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