For those who do not know the history, the Reichstag Fire was when the hall of the Parliament of Weimar Germany, known as the Reichstag, was set on fire in 1933. The sole perpetrator was said to be a Communist, a guy named van der Lubbe (spellings of his first name vary in the sources Marius vs Marinus). Anyway, this guy was a Lee Harvey Oswald-ish character. This, as well as purported evidence of planned Communist violence, was used as the excuse for suppressing the Communist party in Germany. The end result of this effort (and subsequent creation of a Nazi supermajority when the Communists were removed from the Reichstag) was the passage of the Enabling Act which turned Germany into a dictatorship under Hitler. And that’s how democratic government ends.

The Capitol riot is being used in this same way at this time. Note that His Fraudulence Biden called Trump and GOP senators “Nazis” last week. All while his party is doing its un-American purge of conservatives from social media and media in general. As usual, you get a pretty good idea what Democrats are up to when you listen to what they are accusing their opponents of doing. Impeachment falls into the same category, trying to eliminate people they disagree with from the body politic, because you can’t disagree with these totalitarian Democrat hacks.

So now they haul 25k soldiers to DC for the “inauguration” of the fake President. They don’t bother inviting anyone, set up 200,000 flags in the Mall and pretend like everything is ok. It’s not. This looks like something Mao or Stalin would do, not America. They didn’t win, and are desperate to make it appear so.

Resist, America. Resist until they give up.

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Great Job, Fraudulent Joe

January 22, 2021

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