Social Media Policy

All social media is evil. It separates people from others into echo chambers. I don’t use any social media, though I did have a Facebook account back years ago.

Repealing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 , eliminating the corporate welfare for Big Tech, would be a huge step towards this goal. Nothing but full repeal will do.

Liars who state that it would create a Wild West environment on the Internet in the US are well, lying. There were two governing court rulings from the 1990s that created a basic doctrine: if you moderate a site, you are liable for what is said there. If you leave it unmoderated, you are not liable.

Going back to that would be _just fine_. Except for the social media companies, which would be largely forced out of business. This is bad why? They’ve done tremendous harm to our country and need to be removed from the picture.